Friday, July 31, 2009

Grove Creek Reservoir

My first hunt! I'm sure there is some sort of lingo associated with geocaching and letterboxing, but I don't know it yet, so I'll write in my own style and hope that if anyone who has this hobby actually reads this, they will find it quaint.

I set out on my first treasure hunt with determined energy. I took Zero with me and we came back covered in mud and stickers and panting like a couple of... dogs. Only he really is a dog and I'm not.

The foothills of Utah are plagued with grasshoppers this year. Only Moses, himself, could fathom such wretched, hooked-footed, crunchy critters, and bring them as a curse upon the land. I assure you that my imagination is much less horrifying. The ground seemed to move beneath our feet as we navigated a path of trampled weeds, no doubt left in disarray by other treasure hunters.

The water reservoir was empty except for a small, trickling stream and some shoe-sucking mud.

Zero bound joyously through both stream and mud, barking at a plethora of small animals and birds. A fat groundhog nearly saw Zero's teeth close up.

I saw an obscure cement tower and thought it would be a lovely place for a treasure to hide, but my GPS indicated that my detective instincts were non-existent.

As dry and hot as Utah is in late July, the contrast of colors in the mud pit were magnificent. Tans, blues, greys, and greens rose up like steps to the sky.

I climbed a steep hill and saw a tidy neighborhood on the other side. I thought about the people sitting in their cool, air conditioned homes, completely unaware that hidden treasure lay right within the view from their windows.

Zero was confused by my behavior. Usually we stick to trails on our walks. He didn't seem to be too thrilled with my wandering through fields of burrs and sticker weeds.

The hunt led me down treacherous rocks and to a burst of roaring water.

Zero was unsure of his footing on the slippery rocks. I ended up carrying him, after he howled and moaned at his predicament.

I spent many long minutes circling the area until I found at last, something red and green hiding in this crevice.

The container was filled with delightful objects. I left them and signed my name to the log. " 7 - 31- 09 Miriam Latour" Having been there was enough.

My assessment of this hunt: 4/4 Stars for Mystery and Water